Adventures in 3D Printing

We have a Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer! We use it to print microscope parts, lab equipment, and various other cool things. Below you can find descriptions and design files for some of the more useful or interesting things we've made so far!

Nikon Microscope Camera Mount for 3D Imaging

A replica of the camera mount for a Nikon Eclipse TE2000/Ti microscope, with an added acceptor slot for cylindrical lenses to do 3D imaging.

What is this? And why do I want it?

  • Original Camera Mount Design File [.stl, .ipt Autodesk Inventor]
  • 3D Camera Mount Design File [.stl, .ipt Autodesk Inventor]
  • Lens Holder Design File (.stl)
  • Plug Design File (.stl)
  • 2x2 25 mm Rotating Test Tube Rack

    By Huseyin Tas. Designed to screw into the platform of a New Brunswick C76 water bath shaker, and can be scaled up to hold more tubes. Compare to this!

  • Outer Support Design File (.obj)
  • Tube Rack Design File (.obj)

  • Extra Parts Needed!
  • 1" Rubber grommets, Neoprene washers (2x), Thumb drive screws (1x), Lock nuts (1x), Washers (2x)

    50 ml Centrifuge Tube Rack

    By Huseyin Tas

  • 3x6 Design File (.obj)
  • 2x2 Design File (.obj)

  • 20 mm Test Tube Rack

    By Huseyin Tas

  • 3x6 Design File (.obj)

  • E. coli Ribosome

    Atomic coordinate files courtesy of Zan Luthey-Schulten's group! The large subunit is the blue portion of the ribosome in the image, while the small subunit is the white one. Warning! These files are big!

  • 50S Large Subunit Design File (.stl; 311 MB)
  • 30S Small Subunit Design File (.stl; 170 MB)